Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Napkin rings made with 3-D pen

Napkin Rings made with 3-D pen 

    The purpose of this blog is to simply demonstrate what you can do with a 3-D pen and that it is more than something you just doodle with. 3-D pens have many practical applications as well as artistic. Now it does not have the precision of a printer but I think it makes up for it by not being constrained by a printer platform as to how large an item you can create. You have to also keep in mind that once you have completed your project you can also sand and paint your project to your desired color. And if the project happens to break all you simply have to do is get out your 3-D pen and weld it back together.
    They actually turned out better than I thought they would. So this one was made with the black ABS only, because I have plans of painting it and adding plastic jewels.  The other thing I have found is that although ABS comes in different colors, the colors don't always come out of the pen the same as their original color. It can also be cheaper to simply buy the black in large quantity and then paint the color you want afterward.
       I use a print out pattern that I have wrapped around a cardboard core from a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll. I could've easily put the design directly on the cardboard form but I wanted greater precision and wanted to be able to replicate the design so that each piece that I created at least looks similar to one another. The cardboard core acts as a form to give me a consistent shape and size for the napkin rings. The ABS will adhere just enough to the paper or cardboard design to allow me to easily work with the ABS plastic. If the surface is to smooth and the ABS does not adhere to it at least a little, then your design can be very difficult to control. When removing the design from the form I use a small -tipped flat screwdriver or a small painter's palette knife to gingerly lift my creation off the form. If in the process you should happen to break part of your design always keep in mind that you can simply re-weld it back together with the pen.
    Now the shorter designs were intended for the napkin rings and the longer designs were intended for bracelets, but I found that the shorter designs were too small and too narrow and the 3-D pen was not capable of giving me that much detail . For this design I actually ended up taking the larger design and cutting it shorter to make it fit the cardboard roll. I then had to improvise part of the design to make it work . If you decide to use the designs below, please keep in mind that you may have to make adjustments in order to make them work for your intended purpose.

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